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Formulations mall Scale Industries
framing of our policies  ETP facility set up jointly by Small Scale Industries

























People come first at Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited

The safety and health of our people is the principal consideration in the framing of our policies and all our business activities

Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited invests a large amount of resources to reduce workplace accidents and ensure a safe working environment. The company protects the interests of its employees by providing them with appropriate and up-to-date training and access to development programs.tubes Plants in Taj API

By adhering to world safety standards, promoting product and operational safety, and encouraging the active participation of every employee, Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited has created a healthy work environment that complements its superior product line.

Our range of product have been developed and increased mainifold as a result of continuous progress
with in
Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited program with both forward and  backward integration having multi facility operation
& equipments meeting the needs of the pharmaceutical  industry.

Our research is supported with efficient pilot plant.

All large scale units of the group have their own Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) with facilities for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary treatment of effluent. In Sarigam, all small units have formed a new company - Perfect Enviro Control Systems Pvt. Ltd. and have set up a Common Effluent Treatment Plant. In India, this is the first private ETP facility set up jointly by Small Scale Industries. This effort has also earned appreciation from the World Bank. Other small units situated at Tarapur & Dombivli (Maharashtra) are members of Common Effluent Treatment Plants in their respective regions.
 ETP facility set up jointly by Small Scale Industries
Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited has manufacturing sites at Gujarat, India (Vapi, Sarigam & Jhagadia) and at Maharashtra, India (Tarapur & Dombivli).

Recognizing the importance of research, Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited has established three full-fledged DSIR (Dept. of Scientific & Industrial Research)-Government of India recognized R & D centers, which carry innovative product and process development work.

Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited has the privilege of catering to the requirements of leading manufacturers of dyes, pigments, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and rubber chemicals in countries such as USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Japan, Korea, China, Russia, Middle-East etc. Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited also has representatives in USA & a subsidiary company in UK to provide better services to its Export Customers

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New Chemicals

  Phenyl acetic acid, its esters, and its salts [ CAS NO.103-82-2 ]
3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl-2-propanone [ CAS NO.4676-39-5 ]
  Pseudoephedrine, its salts, optical isomers, and salts of optical isomers [ CAS NO.90-82-4 ]
Piperidine and its salts [ CAS NO.110-89-4 ]
  Methylamine [ CAS NO. 74-89-5 ]
Propionic anhydride [ CAS NO.123-62-6 ]
  Para Methoxy Phenyl Acetone [ CAS NO.122-84-9 ]
Para Methoxy Phenyl Acetic Acid [ CAS NO.104-01-8 ]
  Raspberry Ketone [ CAS NO.5471-51-2 ]
Benzyl Acetone [ CAS NO.2550-26-7 ]
  Tyramine [ CAS NO.51-67-2 ]
Biphenyl (Phenyl benzene) [ CAS  NO.92-52-4 ]
  1-phenyl-1-hexanone [ CAS  NO.942-92-7 ]
Benzene [ CAS  NO.71-43-2 ]
  Benzyl methyl ketone [ CAS NO.103-79-7]
Bromo phenyl acetone (1-Bromo-1-phenyl-2-propanone) [ CAS NO.23022-83-5 ]
  3'-Aminoacetophenone [ CAS NO.  99-03-6 ]
3'-Chloroacetophenone [ CAS NO. 99-02-5 ]
  Caffeine {Cas No. 58-08-2}
group have their own Effluent Treatment Plant






























taj group

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