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Agro Chemicals

We have two pesticides formulation and packing facilities, one for Insecticides & Fungicides and the other for Herbicides. We have facilities to formulate Emulsion Concentrates (EC), Soluble Concentrates (SC), Wettable Powders (WP), Water Dispersible Granules (WDG), Coated Granules (G), Dusting Powders (DP) etc.

We have well equipped Quality Control laboratory with most modern equipment. We also have a dedicated Laboratory for formulation development with entire set of laboratory scale equipment.

We undertake contracts for Pesticides formulation & small packing and formulation development.

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Taj Agro Chemicals


01 2, 4-D Ethyl Ester 38% EC CIR-29, 201/98/2,4-D Ethyl Ester (EC)-664
02 Acephate 75% SP CIR-25, 934/97/Acephate (SP)-491
03 Allethrin 0.5% Aerosol CIR-37, 864/2002/Allethrin (HH)-684
04 Allethrin 4% Mosquito Mat CIR-37, 791/2002/Allethrin (HH)-682
05 Alphacypermethrin 10% EC CIR-26, 530/97/Alphamethrin (EC)-170
06 Alphacypermethrin 10% SC CIR-52, 734/2006/Alfacypermethrin (SC) (261)-597
07 Alphacypermethrin 25% EC (Export) CIR-30, 843/99/Alphacypermethrin (EC)-237
08 Alphacypermethrin 3% EC (Export) CIR-30, 806/99/Alphacypermethrin (EC)-232
09 Alphacypermethrin 5% WP CIR-38, 278/(219)/2002/Alphacypermethrin (WP)-382
10 Anilofos 30% EC CIR-28, 257/98/Anilofos (EC)-397
11 Atrazine 50% WP CIR-32, 194/99/Atrazine (WP)-212
12 Atrazine 50% WP (Export) CIR-30, 806/99/Atrazine (WP)-194
13 Atrazine 50% SC (Export) CIR-(E), 2731/2006(263)/Atrazine (SC)-17
14 Atrazine 80% WP (Export) CIR-(E), 2785/2006(263)/Atrazine (WP)-19
15 Azadirachtin (Neem) 0.03% Min. CIR-27, 805/98/Azadirachtin (EC)-149
16 Azadirachtin (Neem) 0.15 % EC CIR-31, 272/99/Azadirachtin (EC)-258
17 Atrazine Technical (Import) CIR-37, 811/2001/Atrazine (T)-275
18 Atrazine Technical (Export) CIR-(E), 2713/2006(263)/Atrazine (T)-16
19 Alpha Napthyl Acetic Acid 4.5 % SL CIR-32, 059/99/Alpha Napthyl Acetic (Acid)-221
20 Acephate 25%+Fenvalrate 3% EC CIR-36, 299/01/Acephate+Fenvalrate (EC)-796
21 Anilofos 24%+2, 4-D Ethyl Ester 32%EC CIR-35, 916/01/Anilofos+2,4-D Ethyl Ester (EC)-472
22 Acetamiprid 20% SP CIR-38, 103/(219)/2002/Acetamiprid (SP)-18
23 Acetamiprid Technical (Export) CIR-(E), 2720/2006(263)/Acetamiprid (T)-21
24 Allethrin 0.5% Mosquito Coil CIR-37, 860/2002/Allethrin (HH)-683
25 Butachlor 50% EC CIR-25, 082/97/Butachlor (EC)-1032
26 Benomyl 50% WP CIR-35, 733/01/Benomyl (WP)-35
27 Bifenthrin 2.5% EC CIR-57, 921/2007/Bifenthrin (EC)(279)-50
28 Carbendazim 46.27% SC CIR-52, 735/2006/Carbendazim (SC) (261)-1087
29 Carbendazim 5% GR CIR-26, 836/97/Carbendazim (GR)-545
30 Carbendazim 50% WP CIR-26, 818/97/Carbendazim (WP)-544
31 Carbofuran 3% CG CIR-26, 433/97/Carbofuran (CG)-335
32 Cartap Hydrochloride 50% SP CIR-56, 009/2007/Cartap Hydrochloride (SP)(270)-806
33 Chlorpyriphos 1.5% DP CIR-30, 973/99/Chlorpyriphos (DP)-1189
34 Chlorpyriphos 10% GR CIR-31, 034/99/Chlorpyriphos (GR)-1197
35 Chlorpyriphos 20% EC CIR-23, 726/96/Chlorpyriphos (EC)-733
36 Chlorpyriphos 48% EC (Export) CIR-30, 842/99/Chlorpyriphos (EC)-1167
37 Copper Oxy Chloride 50%WP CIR-24, 740/96/Copper Oxy Chloride (WP)-635
38 Cypermethrin 0.25% DP CIR-36, 293/01/Cypermethrin (DP)-1644
39 Cypermethrin 1% chalk CIR-37, 843/2002/Cypermethrin (CHALK) (218)-1725
40 Cypermethrin 10% EC CIR-23, 705/96/Cypermethrin (EC)-1298
41 Cypermethrin 25% EC CIR-23, 725/96/Cypermethrin (EC)-1301
42 Cypermethrin 5%EC (Export) CIR-30, 807/99/Cypermethrin (EC)-1738
43 Cypermethrin 50% EC (Export) IR-(E), 2736/2006(263)/Cypermethrin (EC)-167
44 Chlorpyriphos 50% EC CIR-37, 761/2002/Chlorpyriphos (EC)-2256
45 Chlorpyriphos 50%+Cypermethrin 5% EC CIR-37, 921/2001/Chlorpyriphos+Cypermethrin (EC) - 263
46 Cypermethrin 3%+Quinalphos 20% EC CIR-33, 366/00/Cypermethrin+Quinalphos (EC)-1894
47 Chlorpyriphos 16%+Alphamethrin 1% EC CIR-32, 765/00/Chlorpyriphos+Alphamethrin (EC)-1392
48 Chlorimuron Ethyl 25% WP CIR-46, 532/2003/Chlorimuron Ethyl (WP)(238)-9
49 Copper Hydroxide77% WP CIR-42, 258/2003/Copper Hydroxide (WP) (227)-3
50 Carbendazim 12%+Mancozeb 63% WP CIR-36, 072/01/Carbendazim+Mancozeb (WP)-754

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