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                                                    Health through the goodness of Nature

Tajapi have specialised in manufacturing, marketing and extensively networked with well-established reputed companies of Natural and Herbal products industries of multi-products in India and worldwide. Tajapi's strengths are more than a decade of experience with - sourcing and networking with strategic alliance with leaders in Natural Health products industries and technology driven companies including talented with dedicated human resources as our strength. Our network will supply you any product at a most competitive price and a fastest delivery period.

  • Herbal / Botanical / Nutraceutical / Cosmeceuticals / Floral products extract and Standardized Extracts and Phytonutrients more >>>
  • Private Label manufacturing of Ayurvedic formulation, Nutrition and Dietary supplements with consultancy services
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  •  Natural Essential oils, Aromatherapy oils, Spice Oleoresin, Spice oil and floral concretes / absolutes
    more >>>
  •  Herbs for Medicinal / Nutraceutical / Cosmetic / Oleoresins / Culinary / Natural Colors / applications
    more >>>
  • Fresh Herbs,Fruit ,Vegetables, Natural Condiment Powder and Natural Food Colors
    more >>>
  • Extraction Technology for Spices, Herbs ,Vegetable oils,Essential oil and Natural products
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  • Alkaloids, Specialty Phytochemicals and Phytochemical Standards
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  •  Neem (Azadirachta Indica) and Environmentally friendly natural products for Organic farming
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herbal extracts manfacturesTajapi and associated group of companies have modern manufacturing plants that produce a novel range of products to the specifications and satisfaction of its customers. All products are manufactured and analyzed by a highly qualified and experienced team of chemists ensuring quality products to its valued clients all over the world. The dedication of the people and new innovations in manufacturing technologies, have enabled the company to supply the highest quality products to its customers cost-effectively.

Tajapi provides the option of contract/custom manufacturing with their associate companies who are specializes in Super Critical Fluid Extraction (SCFE), the most advanced extraction technology and the extracts dedicated to flavors, fragrances, nutraceuticals, pharmaceutical/food ingredients, cosmetic ingredients, concentrates of natural botanicals for spice and condiments, fruit juice concentrates etc that enable our customers to meet the increasingly stringent statutory regulations of FDA and other such health organization. The Company has entered into an exclusive technology transfer and financial participation agreement with reputed German company. The collaboration encompasses transfer of technical process know-how, detailed engineering, drawings & specification of plant & machinery, training of our personnel.

More information on Super Critical Fluid Extraction Facility

Our complete product comprehensive catalog is available here on the website which is an educational tool and It includes information on products we offer, including: a product description, its active substances, the standardization percentages, plant physiology, its active properties, historical uses, processing, toxicity, cautions or contra-indications, directions for use, sample analyses, and structure and function. All products are accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis and are routinely tested by an independent testing lab, guaranteeing quality and consistency.

For further development of the market, we look for general importers, wholesaler, distributors, agent and representative in various countries. More information about our company, associates and our products is available. We appreciate any opportunity to expand on business and welcome your valuable patronage.

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