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Fine Chemicals

List of Pharma Ingredients & Fine Chemicals


Pharma Ingredients


Fine Chemicals


 2- Dimethyl Amino Pyridine 1  1-Acetonaphthone
2  2-(N-Methyl-2-Pyridyl) Amino Ethanol 2  1-Chloromethyl Naphthalene
3  2, 4 Di-Chloro Benzoic Acid 3  1-Naphthoic Acid
4  2, 6-Dichloro Pyridine 4  2-Acetonaphthone
5  2-Amino-4-Nitro-1-Propoxy Benzene 5  2-Chloro Benzyl Chloride
6  2-Bromo Pyridine 6  Alfa Amyl Cinnamaldehyde
7  2-Chloro Acetamide 7  Alpha Naphthyl Aceto Nitrile
8  2-Chloro Pyridine 8  Benzal Acetone
9  2-Methoxy-5-Amino Sulfonyl Methyl Benzoate 9  Benzaldehyde
10  2-Methylamino Pyridine 10  Benzhydrol
11  2-Methylamino-6-Methoxy Pyridine 11  Benzoin
12  3-Carboxy-4-Methoxy Bezene Sulfonamide 12  Benzophenone
13  4-(4-Phenyl)-4-Hydroxy Piperidine 13  Benzyl Acetate
14  4-Amino Piperidine 14  Benzyl Benzoate
15  4-bromo aceto phenone 15  Benzyl Chloride
16  4-bromo propiophenone 16  Benzyl Propionate
17  4-bromoanisole 17  Bithionol Sulfoxide
18  4-bromochloro benzene 18  Cinnamic Acid
19  4-bromophenol 19  Diphenylacetonitrile
20  4-chloro propiophenone 20  Meta Chloro Benzaldehyde
21  4-Chloro-3-Sulfamoyl Benzoic Acid 21  Meta Chloro Benzoic Acid
22  4-chloroacetophenone 22  Ortho Chloro Benzaldehyde
23  4-chlorobenzhydrol 23  Ortho Chloro Benzoic Acid
24  4-chlorophenacyl bromide 24  Ortho Chloro Phenyl Acetic Acid
25  4-Dimethylamino Butyraldehyde Diethylacetal 25  Para Chloro Benzyl Cyanide
26  4-methoxy acetophenone 26  Para Chloro Phenyl Acetic Acid
27  4-methylbenzophenone 27  Phenyl Acetate
28  4-Nitro Phthalimide 28  Phenyl Iso Thio Cyanate
29  5-Bromo Phthalide
30  5-Sulfosalicylic Acid Dihydrate
31  Benzophenone hydrazone
32  Bromo diphenylmethane
33  Bromoacetaldehyde dimethyl acetal
34  Chloro diphenylmethane
35  Cis Mesylate
36  Cis-Bromo Benzoate
37  Diphenylmethane
38  Glycerol Mono Para Amino Benzoate
39  Isopropyl-3-Amino Crotonate
40  Methyl-3-Amino Crotonate
41  N-Acetyl Sulfanilamide
42  N-Acetyl Sulfathiazole
43  N-Acetyl-4-Piperidone
44  N-Bromo Succinimide
45  N-Chloro Succinimide
46  N-Ethyl-4-Piperidone
47  N-Iso Propyl-4-Amino Piperidine
48  N-Methyl-4-Amino Piperidine
49  Tert-N-BOC-4-Piperidone

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