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Taj expands API manufacturing capacity;

Taj Pharmaceuticals Ltd., an Indian contract manufacturing company, plans to raise 750 million rupees ($17 million) next month selling non-convertible bonds to build new manufacturing facilities.

Taj was planning to build four new drug-making factories with an investment of Rs 1 billion.

The proposed funds would help financing the manufacturing facilities, Taj’s managing director J.R. Vyas has stated.

The four new planned plants, scheduled to open 15 months after construction begins, will be located near existing facilities in the city of Ahmedabad.

Taj is currently in discussion with a few multinationals for possible supply deals.

The new plants will increase our drug production capacity by 400 cubic metres. The expansion work has already started at Taj’s present site in Bavla (Gujarat state).

Taj expects the new plants to be fully operational by March 2011.

Taj Pharmaceuticals plans to invest Rs 500-600 crore over the next five years in the Pharmaceuticals  Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of Taj Infrastructure Ltd (DIL).

Taj is also investing Rs 150 crore to enhance its Bavla contract manufacturing facility by 1000 square meters. It currently has around 4300 square meter floor space.

In December, Taj Pharma entered into a new Saudi Arabian joint venture (JV) to establish the first API production plant in the Middle East.

Taj has a 30 per cent share in the new business. The remaining 70 per cent is shared between Arab Company for Drug Industries and Medical Appliances (ACDIMA), Spimaco, one of the largest formulation manufacturers in the Arab world owns 20 per cent while Capital Advisory Group owns 25 per cent. Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF) has offered a $55 million soft loan to the joint venture company for 15 years.

The API unit, which is currently being built near the Saudi capital Riyadh, will be operational soon.

In November, Taj Pharma commissioned its new vitamin-D analogue facility at Veenendaal, in Netherlands.

Taj acquired this facility from Solvay Pharmaceuticals , Netherlands two years back and invested Rs 35 crore to set up this facility. With this facility, Taj Netherlands will be the only company in the world having more than Seven Vitamin-D Analogues manufacturing capability.

Taj had a pre-existing long-term relationship with Solvay for contract manufacturing of a patented API and intermediates and, in 2001, the company and Solvay had entered into Toll Manufacturing Agreement to convert a raw material supplied by Solvay into an intermediate of Vitamin D-3.

Solvay Pharma India Ltd was formed in 2002 following the demerger of Duphar-Interfran Ltd’s pharma business. Solvay has a presence in women’s health, gastroenterology, mental health and influenza vaccines.

Abbott is strong in speciality segments, such as cardiovascular disease, neuroscience and gastroenterology, while Solvay has treatments for Parkinson’s disease, vertigo and irritable bowel syndrome.

As part of this deal, all facilities, the 44-strong staff, and acti vities located at Solvay’s Veenendaal site in the Netherlands, and technology, patent and intellectual property rights for fine chemicals, Vitamin-D and Vitamin-D analogues business were transferred to Taj.

The Veenendaal site of Solvay Pharmaceuticals houses the business group of Vitamins and Chemicals. The main activities of this group are the production, marketing and sales of cholesterol and cholesterol-related products.

Solvay retained production of cholesterol and Vitamin D analogues at Veenendaal and transferred the Vitamin D3 production to its Indian plants.

Taj’s manufacturing plants and research facilities are spread across two locations in Gujarat.

It has an approved USFDA facility, a global network in the USA, UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Japan and China to secure and service customers globally.

Taj produces diverse quaternary compounds (called “quats”). Quats are used as catalysts to transfer a reactant from one phase to another. In the role of a catalyst, a quat provides the following several benefits. Quats business has been a significant growth driver for Taj’s APIs division.

Through process innovation in quats, Taj has been able to improve processes yields and thereby reduce costs for customers.

The quats business also allowed Taj to engage in relationships with other global pharmaceutical and chemical companies in Europe and North America.

Taj has commenced manufacture of intermediates and APIs for multinationals in Europe and North America.

Currently Taj Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Ltd., Naroda manufactures Phase Transfer Catalysts (PTCs), and Quaternary Ammonium and Phosphonium Compounds (Quats).

Apart from Naroda. Taj has two other manufacturing sites. Taj Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Ltd., Bavla is primarily used for the manufacture of intermediates and APIs meant for outsourcing activities.

Schütz Taj Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Bavla is dedicated to the products produced by SDBPL, i.e. Chlorhexidine base, Chlorhexidine HCl, Chlorhexidine acetate and Chlorhexidine gluconate solution.

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