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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Development

All drug development challenges begin with the synthesis of a molecule, making Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) production a critical element to any drug development program.

API development and manufacture is a key component amongst Aptuitís suite of services. We recognize that to be successful we, as your selected development partners, must have the right people, the right facilities and the in-depth know-how. With Aptuit, you know you have all of these attributes and a great deal more. We offer a complete range of API development and manufacturing services to support you from discovery through to commercialization utilizing our industry-leading global API capabilities across the USA, India and the UK.

We currently offer completely integrated API contract manufacturing, as well as the analytical and regulatory services needed to support critical development milestones. These services cover all phases of drug development, including preclinical and clinical testing, to regulatory approval and ongoing commercial production.

Our API services include:

Custom cGMP and non-cGMP Radiolabeling
Solid State Chemistry
Medicinal Chemistry
Process Research and Development
Preclinical and Clinical API Supply
* Highly Potent and Cytotoxic Manufacture
Scheduled Compound Manufacture
* Commercial API Manufacture and Suppl


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